What are the Benefits of CBD?

Due to the previous legal restrictions around Cannabis and Hemp, research on the wellness benefits of CBD have been tightly constrained up until recently. So far, research has already concluded the benefits of CBD when it comes to Epilepsy. Also, there is a lot of preliminary research indicating it can help with Anxiety, Inflammation, Pain Management and Insomnia. CBD products may be used to treat many other conditions as well, but further research still needs to be done to draw any further conclusions.

Concluded Research

The majority of research into Cannabidiol (CBD) has been focused on the treatment of seizures caused by conditions such as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome, both which are forms of epilepsy known to develop in infancy. The success of CBD in treating these disorders led to the creation of Epidiolex, the first pharmaceutical approved by the FDA involving a component of the cannabis plant. This has also opened the door to a lot of preliminary research into CBD’s other potential wellness benefits.

Preliminary Research

So far there is promising preliminary research showing the wellness benefits of CBD for the treatment of anxiety, pain management, inflammation and insomnia.

  • A randomized controlled trial conducted at the University of São Paulo indicated CBD can reduce anxiety and cognitive impairment. This particular study specifically dealt with Social Anxiety triggered by public speaking.
  • A study conducted by the Department of Psychology of the University of Mexico concluded that CBD is associated with significant improvements in regards to dealing with Insomnia. It also showed that the benefits of CBD were more prominent in helping sleep than THC.
  • A study conducted at the University of Kentucky concluded topical application of CBD showed reduction in inflammation and pain-related symptoms caused by arthritis on rats. Further studies with positive results are currently in progress confirming the same for humans.

Further Research

Although there are many consumers reporting success in using CBD to treat many other medical conditions, there is still much research to be done to confirm the benefits beyond Epilepsy, Anxiety, Pain Management, Inflammation and Insomnia. This does not mean CBD doesn’t have other benefits, it just means more research needs to be done before conclusions are drawn. Have a condition that you successfully treat with CBD? We would love to hear about it. Pop us a message on Instagram and tell us your story!

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