Vaporizing as a Delivery Method for CBD

Vaporizing provides the quickest onset time and highest bioavailability of any intake method for CBD. You can use a Disposable Vape Pen or reusable Vaporizer Kits and Cartridge.Within the vaporizer, a ceramic heating coil heats the Full Spectrum CBD oil until vaporizes. CBD vapour is inhaled and enters the bloodstream through the lungs. This means it doesn’t have to be digested and processed by the liver as a tincture would.  

Unlike smoking, vaporizing occurs at much lower temperatures. This makes it easier on the lungs, and if done correctly, avoids the carcinogens that come with smoking. 

While tinctures and topical delivery methods may have a longer symptom relief time, vaporizing has a quicker onset, making it ideal for on-demand, short-term relief. 

A lot of vaporizer brands have questionable practices which has led to a lot of negative media attention on the whole industry. We take many steps to ensure we are putting out a quality product. To read more about the general safety of vaping and our company’s stance on the vape industry, click here.

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