Vaping CBD

Vaping is a popular method for dosing as it increases the systemic circulation of CBD in the bloodstream. This improves its overall efficacy as more CBD is able to reach active sites in the body, compared to ingestion, where the particles are broken down by the liver before they’re diffused into the bloodstream.

Is Vaping Easier?

Vaping is just one of many methods for dosing CBD, and has gained popularity for dosage consistency and portability. CBD edibles can have a short shelf life or might require refrigeration, and tinctures with droppers can be difficult to fiddle with for those who dose on the go.

Understanding Bioavailability

However, aside from vaping’s ease of use, there are scientific reasons behind why people choose to vape. The term “bioavailability” comes up frequently when discussing THC and CBD. It is a helpful term to know, and is concept that applies to just about everything we put in our bodies:

Definition from Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition (Second Edition), 2003

Bioavailability (biological availability) is a term used to describe the proportion of a nutrient in food that is utilized for normal body functions.

When we ingest something, it works its way through our digestive tract before being eventually filtered through the liver. Once it reaches our liver, it’s released into our body through the bloodstream. As with any filter, components are broken down or lost before they reach their final destination in our bodies. So when we refer to a bioavailability percentage, we’re referring to the percentage that has made it into the bloodstream and targeted destination in the body (whether that’s our organs or an inflamed joint).

Why does Vaping Increase Bioavailability?

This is where vaping comes in.

Vaping can increase the bioavailability of CBD anywhere from 40-80%. CBD will reach the bloodstream through the lungs typically within 15 minutes of vaping. This can be compared with consuming a CBD edible, where bioavailability is roughly 15%. As the edible has to be metabolized, the onset of effects can vary from 30-60 minutes. But this delay can be a positive thing! Someone might want to time the effect to kick-in after a bedtime routine or during a long road trip so that they can ease into their dose.

However, if you’re wanting a quick microdose that will provide fast-action relief, vaping is usually a good go-to choice. Unscented vaping oils can also be incredibly discrete and used in half the time it takes for a quick bathroom break!

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