Music and Experiences

Music and Experiences

Emotions, music, and you.

How do you use music in your everyday life? Do you wake up to an energizing playlist in the morning, use a steady beat to focus at work, or listen to something slow to feel calm before bed?

Music is a key part of daily life in more ways than we expect because of how it relates to our emotions. Not only do we perceive emotions in music, we actually feel emotions as a response to music. 

Factors such as tempo, rhythm, pitch, and harmony can all have a physical effect on the body. For example, listening to an exciting song can increase your heart rate, and listening to moving music can give you goosebumps.

MRI and PET neuroimaging show that music affects activity in the brain. For example, it affects activity in the amygdala, which is a part of the brain that releases serotonin. Serotonin is a central chemical messenger for emotions such as happiness and anxiety. This physiological response to music is the basic idea of using music therapy to treat depression and anxiety, as depression and anxiety are partially linked to dysfunctions in the amygdala.

The hormonal system in the body also reacts to music: listening to certain types of music are linked to lower levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. 

Different types of music can even strongly affect thought contents. Listening to ‘heroic’ themed music provokes positive thoughts and makes people feel less afraid, while listening to sad music provokes more calm or demotivating thoughts. This powerful effect of music has implications for using music as a part of wellness in daily life. Using music to affect health and well-being has been around since Ancient Greece, so it’s not a new concept.

Music’s direct link to emotion and physiological responses in the body means music plays a huge role in everyday experiences. 

Here at feelcbd

At feelcbd we’re always looking for different ways to hone in on achieving the experiences we seek, so as a fun office project we started curating experience playlists and making a conscious effort to incorporate them in our own lives to see the results. As a team we are so ecstatic about the results that we have decided we want to share these playlists with the world!

We will be releasing new experience playlists to help you reach the experiences you seek. These playlists have been carefully crafted to have a flow and are meant to be played in the order provided. We will embed these Spotify playlists into our posts for your listening pleasure, and as we continue to add new lists we will archive them below. 

The Playlists

Click here for Feel Love Volume 1
CBD and love are definitely an underrated pair, so get out your Love Pens and call someone special.

Click here for Feel Calm Volume 1
Looking for tranquility? Here’s some tunes to help you find your Calm.

Keep an eye out for upcoming playlists soon to be released!

Have suggestions or want to collaborate and create your own lists to share with the world? Hit us up on the live chat or on social and let’s make some magic!

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