Microdosing CBD

High doses of CBD-rich formulations can be safe and easily tolerated, but aren’t always necessarily more effective than lower doses. A microdose as little as 2.5 mg CBD can have a therapeutic effect, with studies showing Full Spectrum CBD being as efficacious at much lower doses when compared to CBD Isolate.

Microdosing has becoming a popular method for dosing THC and CBD based products only a regular basis. With the advent of new extraction methods, dosing accuracy has increased substantially, allowing for greater control over the amount used per dose. Many individuals do have lower tolerance levels, and microdosing allows for an easy method of figuring out an appropriate dosage, without having to experience the adverse effects of a blind dose. Additionally, many find microdosing helpful for daily management of chronic conditions, as debilitating effects are limited or non-existent at such a low dose.

With most products containing CBD or THC, the benchmark recommendation for beginners to start with is 5mg. However specifically with CBD, studies show that a dose as low as 2.5mg of CBD of Full Spectrum CBD can have effective and positive therapeutic benefits. Even at higher doses of CBD, reactions and side effects can be well tolerated by the majority of individuals due to the lack of a strong psychoactive component.

FeelCBD Drops and Vaporizers make microdosing Full Spectrum CBD easy. Our Drops come with a measured dropper, and a standard draw from our vaporizers contains approximately 1-2mg of CBD.

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