Jumpstart your 2020 goals with CBD

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The year is new and so are you! Everyone sets goals for the new year and it’s honestly perfectly human to struggle with them and want to throw in the towel. But did you know that CBD can help with managing the stress and inevitable sore muscles that accompany some of our wellness goals? Keep reading to find out more and to learn about ways to save on our products this January! 

Topical Delivery Method

Pair a Relief Stick and a Tincture together.

CBD can be incredibly helpful in managing inflamed, sore muscles. Try a topical, like our Relief Stick for targeting specific areas, or use one of Drops for daily pain management.

Never used a tincture? It’s best used under the tongue to get the full does, but give it a shot in your daily smoothie or coffee  if you need some easing into it!

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Transition with vaping.

Public Health England has found that vaping (which involves no combustion) is 95% less harmful than smoking. Vaping CBD can be a good transition option to ease out of the habit over quitting cold turkey.

Fundacion Canna has also compiled an overview of studies (“CBD for treating tobacco addiction“) that suggest CBD can be incredibly helpful for kicking the habit!

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Aside from being an excellent anti-inflammatory, CBD can be a helpful aid for getting your sleep patterns back in order, managing anxiety, and for chronic pain management.

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