Your feelcbd Holiday Sale Guide

Here’s the rundown on how to get the feelcbd holiday sale to work for you.

The holidays have landed and we’re here to help make all that shopping a little less painful on your bottom line with our feelCBD holiday sale guide. Not only will we have free shipping all December, but we’ve put together some amazing, month-long CBD deals to help you save this season!


Have you been holding off on ordering online because of shipping? Well, now’s your chance to get those Drops you’ve been coveting. Not only will shipping be free all December – we’re doing you one better and upgrading every. single. package (yes – even the ones with just one item!) to XPresspost shipping.

Buy one vaporizer kit, get the 2nd 25% off

One for them and one for you!
(Get matching kits if you’re really that extra)


Sleep Kit: For the insomniac
Natural Kit: For the zen-master
Revive Kit: For the coffee worshipper
Calm Kit: For the worrier
Balance Kit: For the multi-tasker
Love Kit: For that special someone

Buy any 3 items, save 20% on your cart

We can be your one-stop-shop, too! Mix and match any 3 items and save 20% off your entire purchase. 

Buy ONE kit, save 20% on any cartridge

Need to show some appreciation for that person at the top of your list? Or maybe you’ve got a bit of wiggle room for a second gift for your best bud? This is the combo for you. 

Athletes / Balance Kit + Revive Cart
Parents / Calm Kit + Sleep Cart
The Eternally Busy / Sleep Kit + Revive Cart
Yogis / Natural Kit + Balance Cart
Endless To Do Lists / Calm Kit + Balance Cart
Stressed Partners / Natural Kit + Love Cart
Lovers of Being Cozy / Sleep Kit + Love Cart

SPEND $250 or more before taxes and get a free relief stick

Are you the CBD Santa (or Holiday Armadillo) of your group? This is the option for you. Get all your friends’ favourites, then enjoy the bonus of a full-sized Relief Stick. Your hand will need it after all that scrolling and cart building you had to do. 


Got a picky person on your list? Realized last minute that you can’t remember exactly which cartridges they have? We’ve got you covered. We’re happy to introduce the feelcbd giftcard, just in time for the holidays. 

Added bonus: Get a $15 giftcard for yourself when you spend $100 or more.