Can CBD Help With Muscle Recovery?

ANSWER: Many of the known and studied benefits of CBD can help with the symptoms of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce muscle soreness, and the sleep-regulating properties can speed up recovery time. This is why CBD is gaining popularity with professional athletes in their post performance and post-workout routines.

CBD and Muscle Soreness

Much of the muscle soreness experienced after workout is caused by the body’s natural response to strenuous exercise. For the body to adapt and grow stronger, it both repairs and strengthens the muscles that an exercise focuses on. This response causes swelling and inflammation as blood flow increases to the affected area, and in turn we can experience muscle soreness (in most cases for 1 to 3 days). Although there is no evidence CBD can shorten this process, there are studies that show CBD (and other cannabinoids in the full spectrum such as CBN and CBG) can act as powerful for muscle recovery and natural anti-inflammatory agents. Moreover, there is also significant evidence that CBD can also help regulate the sleep cycle, and that can also assist in shortening the time it takes for muscles to fully recover.

Professional Athletes who use CBD

With athletes constantly looking for competitive advantages in their routines, many are finding ways to incorporate CBD to assist with inflammation and sleep regulation. As stigmatization is still there, many choose to use CBD privately, but here are a few who have spoken publicly about it:

  • Connor McDavid – Captain of the Edmonton Oilers
    • “I say this more talking about the CBD side of it, obviously: You’d be stupid not to at least look into it,” Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid said. “When your body’s sore like it is sometimes, you don’t want to be taking pain stuff and taking Advil all the time. There’s obviously better ways to do it. … You’re seeing a lot of smart guys look into it. You’re seeing a lot of really smart doctors look into it. If all the boxes are checked there and it’s safe and everything like that, then I think you would maybe hear them out.”
  • Rampage Jackson – Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
    • “It’s been very important,” Jackson told MMA Fighting. “I think we all learned about CBD from Nate Diaz, he’s the first one I learned about CBD from. I’m glad he stood up for us and made it legal for MMA fighters. Thank you Nate, I appreciate that, much love. It’s incredible. It’s been helping me out a lot.”
  • Derrick Morgan Tennessee Titans Linebacker
    • “After researching, finding out more and more about it, I realized this is something guys should know about,” Morgan said. “You don’t have to take it, but you should at least know about it if it’s going to help you protect your brain and protect your body.”

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