feelBALANCE Volume 1

Hey it’s been a hot minute since we last dropped a playlist.

Okay, maybe not a minute (far too many months!), but we’re back and we’ve got a new one for you. feelBALANCE Volume 1 was curated to keep you going steady, just like our Balance CBD pen. So take a breather and let this playlist equalize your mood. 

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Happy Listening! <3 

  1. let you go  / RIVER TIBER
  2. unravel me / SABRINA CLAUDIO
  3. downers / GREENTEA PENG
  4. putting out fires / ELIZA
  5. erase / OMAR APOLLO
  6. cola / ARLO PARKS
  7. no one (kayge calypso & dunn remix)  / MOTHICA
  8. quand on arrive en ville / FHIN
  9. coming alive / TWO ANOTHER
  10. photosynthesis / SABA & JEAN DEAUX

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